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A toxin that has been treated (commonly with formaldehyde) so as to destroy its toxic property but retain its antigenicity, that is, its capability of stimulating the production of antitoxin antibodies and thus of producing an active immunity. For specific toxoids, see entries under vaccine
Synonym(s): anatoxin
[toxin + G. eidos, resemblance]


A weakened bacterial toxin.


(an″ă-tok′sĭn) [ ana- + toxin]
1. Toxoid.
2. A powerful nerve toxin produced by certain blue-green algae.
anatoxic (-toks′ĭk), adjective


neurotoxin produced by some cyanobacteria including species of Anabaena, Oscillatoria, Aphanizoomenon. Includes anatoxin-a, a potent nicotinic toxin, which is toxic to a wide range of species, and the cholinesterase inhibitor anatoxin-a(s), which is highly toxic to pigs, dogs and some waterfowl but seems to be unable to reach the brain or the retina in many species. Called also sudden death factor.
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Jerry Heidel, director of the OSU lab, said anatoxin-a is a strong poison that can cause symptoms almost immediately, including muscle tremors, breathing difficulty and convulsions.