Anatolian shepherd dog

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Anatolian shepherd dog, Anatolian Karabash

a large, tall (28-32 in) dog with a short, dense coat, broad head, and long tail carried over the back. It is usually fawn with a black mask, but other colors also occur. A Turkish breed used for guarding sheep, goats and other livestock.
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Anatolian shepherd dog.
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Working breeds (413): Akitas 19, Alaskan Malamutes 7, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs 1, Bernese Mountain Dogs 24, Black Russian Terriers 10, Boxers 22, Bullmastiffs 23, Cane Corsos 20, Doberman Pinschers 20, Dogue de Bordeaux 15, German Pinschers 8, Giant Schnauzers 10, Great Danes 16, Great Pyrenees 14, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs 18, Komondorok 5, Kuvaszok 1, Leonbergers 10, Mastiffs 18, Neapolitan Mastiffs 5, Newfoundlands 16, Portuguese Water Dogs 26, Rottweilers 26, St.
Least registered are the English Setter, the Norfolk Terrier and the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
Sadly though, the supply of homes for these animals is not sufficient: while the Anatolian shepherd dogs have the plateaus to roam, dogs and cats in the major cities face a dim future.
But instead of having P-1 killed, the rancher built an enclosure for his sheep and goats and bought Anatolian shepherd dogs.
In Namibia, it is official government policy to provide specially-trained Anatolian shepherd dogs - the breed we refer to in this country as Karabash - to chase cheetahs from the herds.
Closing the gap this year, a couple of breeds that had been on the decline over the past decade made double digit increases over the past year -- Keeshonden (from 102nd to 87th) and Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (from 115th to 109th).