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The law forced anyone who owned an anaconda prior to 2010 to tag it with an electronic transponder, allowing officials to track it, but FWC officials say there was no tag found on the anaconda in question.
Yellow anacondas are amazing snakes and have the most wonderful markings and colouration.
The anaconda often subdues its prey and then swallows it whole.
A small green anaconda, housed at the Bewdley-based attraction's Reptile World, has miraculously produced a brood of three babies without coming into contact with a male in a rare reproductive phenomenon.
According to an Air India spokesperson, the anacondas -- which are natives of South America -- were carried in a specially packed container which is compatible for transportation on an aircraft, in compliance with IATA regulations for carriage of live animals.
The party eventually decided to seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try and measure the Anaconda.
He had set off for the South American rainforest with fellow traveller Dr Robert Pickles on the trail of giant otters, but managed to stumble into an anaconda region.
Both ARCO and NDEP discounted the possibility until the summer of 2003, when documents were located that described Anacondas processing of yellowcake on the site in 1976.
They'll also take part in nature workshops, go on an anaconda search and see the howler monkeys on the ranch.
Other misconceptions: The eyes of the snake in the movie face front; in real anacondas, the eyes are on the tops of their heads, an adaptation to life in the water.
For example, certain kinds of snakes - venomous ones such as rattlesnakes and cobras - quickly come to mind because of the potential threat, however small, they represent; but it is the giant snakes of the world - the pythons, boa constrictors, and anacondas - that seem to enthrall us the most.
The National Zoo of Sri Lanka has gifted four green anacondas to this zoo.