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Greek name of Egyptian god Amun. See: Ammon's horn.


Friedrich A. von, German ophthalmologist and pathologist, 1799-1861. See: Ammon fissure, Ammon prominence.


Greek name of the Egyptian god Amun.
Ammon horn - one of the two interlocking gyri composing the hippocampus, the other being the dentate gyrus. Synonym(s): cornu ammonis
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The dissonance between policy and reality sometimes creates tension with leaders, parents and students," Ammon says.
Compton had to wait until the age of 29 to make his international debut in the current Test series with India and whilst he started the series understandably nervously with every innings it is becoming clearer that he is every inch a Test match batsman," Ammon wrote in her column for the Daily Mirror.
LIFETIME: Some of the pupils selected include William Thomas, Ammon Mattu, Lauren Ramsay, Rosie Rowe
4) notes, 'By the Temple of Ammon [at Siwa] and for 3000 stadia along the road to the temple there are great masses of oyster shells.
Pelosi and Ms Ammon moved to an estate in Cranleigh, Surrey, after they were wed, but they later separated.
Ammon was stung by a wasp three years ago and noticed a fine rash spreading on her arm as she drove to work.
Ammon are experienced in reorganizations, having been actively involved in the LMSB "stand-up" and in the subsequent changes to the LMSB's structure.
The authors are all prominent in the field and have each made major contributions to the study of Ammon or are currently engaged in work that promises such contributions.
Indeed, the last two are recurrent themes of Sonderweg literature, which always emphasized "Aryan mysticism" and "neo-Romanticism" in the German reception of Darwin, and from this perspective it seems odd that popularizers on the radical right--Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Otto Ammon, the fo unders of the Gobineau Society--receive no more mention than the progressive eugenicists who have dominated recent work on this topic since Detlev Peukert's classic essay on "The Origins of the 'Final Solution' from the Spirit of Science.
Transplants of pancreatic tissue had poor success rates in people, says study coauthor Ammon B.
For 33 years, Ammon Schrock's name has been synonymous with residential construction of the highest excellence.
OTCBB:LYNS), a provider of telecommunication services to large, medium and small businesses, as well as residential consumers throughout North America, today announced the appointment of industry veteran and former senior manager at Nextel Partners, Randy Ammon, as its new Chief Operations Officer.