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a trademark for a battery-operated, scooterlike vehicle that gives mobility to some patients who cannot walk.


Atherectomy and MULTILINK Stenting Improves Gain and Outcome Trial. A trial comparing late angiographic restenosis in patients undergoing ACS MULTILINK stent implantation ± adjunctive directional coronary atherectomy (DCA).
Primary endpoint
Target vessel failure, MACE.
No benefit of angiographic restenosis of DCA and stenting compared to stenting alone; prestenting DCA carries a favourable outcome if DCA is optimally (<20% residual) performed. 

AC2993 diabetes Management Improving Glycemic Outcomes. A trial assessing AC2993 (i.e., exendin-4, exenitide)—a polypeptide that decreases plasma glucose, food intake and body weight—in improving management of type-2 diabetes in patients also receiving metformin and a sulfonylurea.

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A. ¿Cuál es la pregunta?

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Under the terms of the Agreement, Foundation Fuel will construct natural-gas-fired turbine generation facilities, along with the pipeline, gas storage and electric transmission facilities needed to connect the generation to natural gas supplies and to deliver electric energy directly to the Tres Amigas SuperStation.
Our participation in the Tres Amigas SuperStation project will bring decades of experience and expertise to this venture and we are very pleased that our technological solution has been selected," stated Henri Pourpart-Lafarge, President of Alstom Grid.
ZGlobal has the proven knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the planning functions for Tres Amigas," says Tres Amigas President and CEO Phil Harris.
The Tres Amigas SuperStation will incorporate a network of underground high voltage direct current (HVDC) superconductor cables and AC/DC converters capable of transmitting energy and balancing power loads between the three grids.
These two machines bring the number purchased this year with donations raised by Americas Amigas to a total of 10, and are expected to screen approximately 45,000 women for breast cancer throughout Brazil.
The DPR will also permit Tres Amigas to provide back-up power for the surrounding grid.
This will add further depth to the strong base provided by existing members of the Tres Amigas team, including Terry Winter, Executive Vice President at American Superconductor and former CEO of the California ISO; Ziad Alaywan, former Vice President of Markets for the California ISO; and Frank Barbera, formerly Assistant Manager of IID.
Barbera will update participants on key aspects of the planning of the Tres Amigas SuperStation.
The Commission stated that, upon receipt of an application under Federal Power Act sections 210 and 211, it could issue orders pursuant to those sections to allow Tres Amigas to proceed and interconnect with ERCOT without conferring FERC jurisdiction over ERCOT utilities.
Preserve the status quo by disclaiming jurisdiction over ERCOT following its connection to the Tres Amigas project.
This vineyard, with clonal selections from the Beckstoffer Las Amigas Vineyard but grown across the fence from Beckstoffer, perfectly illustrates the concept of terroir.