Sambucus canadensis

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Sambucus canadensis,

n See elderberry.
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While aging content is vast, this article focuses on African American, American Indian/Native American, Asian/Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic/Latino American elders and caregivers who are affected by Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.
Since 1978, AoA has funded federally recognized tribal organizations for nutrition and supportive services to approximately 250,000 Native American elders, who are among the most disadvantaged populations in the Nation.
The solo exhibit consists of 12 oil paintings that feature Native American elders and children set against beautiful western landscapes and is a focus within the Pearce Museum's The People: Faces of Native America.
There is a paucity of information about the views of Native American elders on HIV/AIDS.
Although this may be the first study with an area probability sample of Asian American elders, its generalizability is somewhat limited because of the design and small size of the subgroups.
I'm thrilled that Oprah acknowledged their efforts and hope it leads to more much needed funding to put towards building homes for the thousands of Native American elders that are so desperately in need.
Upon meeting Rick's uncle, he is also introduced to other Creek Native American elders who reveal the ancient prophecies of a purification of humanity as they enter a new age.
Thanks to a joint effort between Red Feather Development Group, a Bellevue, WA-based non-profit organization that builds homes for Native American elders, the University of Washington and a core group of corporate sponsors, Peggy White and her family will be in a new, energy-efficient 1,400 square foot home on the Crow Reservation by May 25.
Teachers from all 17 participating schools will visit the seven Confluence Project sites and listen to presentations from historians, Confluence Project officials and Native American elders.
NVLP preserves and disseminates the collective wisdom of distinguished African American elders to inspire young people to seek excellence and develop into leaders.
Asian American Elders in New York City: A Study of Health, Social Needs, Quality of Life and Quality of Care is the first comprehensive examination of the demographics, living conditions, social supports and overall life satisfaction of elderly Asian Americans.
The daily thirty-second vignettes, which will be broadcast on stations this month, will feature recollections of African American elders who played vital roles in shaping American history and culture over the past century.

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