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R.S., 20th-century British physician. See: Crow-Fukase syndrome.

Charcot restraint orthotic walker

; CROW custom-made boot incorporating a total contact cast; worn after initial oedema has subsided, allowing the patient to remain weight-bearing during the natural course of the disease yet minimizing trauma to the affected area (Figure 1)
Figure 1: Charcot restraint orthotic walker (CROW).


a bird in the genus corvus.

crow pick
predatory gouging of eyes and other soft tissues from sick or weak lambs by crows. Wounds often infected with gas gangrene organisms.
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American crows were inoculated with NY99 (n = 6), FIN (n = 5), or Ita09 (n = 5).
data), and the concentration of American Crows near parking lots and picnic areas (asterisks, Fig.
Admire them or loathe them, they're everywhere, and the most widespread of the bunch is the American Crow.
In NewYork state, all types of submitted avian species are tested for WNV; of the 536 birds infected with WNV in 2000, 347 (65%) were American crows, 82 (15%) were blue jays, and 107 (20%) were other species.
The most commonly sighted birds in Los Angeles were mourning doves, Western scrub-jays and American crows.
Infected species reported include 147 American crows (78%) and 23 blue jays (12%).
Jet black and sassy, American crows get a bad rap, always have.
We also documented beak abnormalities in an additional 148 northwestern crows in south-central and southeastern Alaska and in 64 crows near Vancouver, British Columbia, and Puget Sound, Washington, a region where both northwestern crows and American crows (C.
Previous research showed that feather pulp was slightly more efficacious than oral swabs for detecting WNV when the VecTest assay was used for corvids (21), and that 100% of feather pulp samples were positive among WNV-infected American crows and blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata) (20).
The dead birds testing positive for the West Nile virus Friday included 153 American crows, two scrub jays, one common raven and one black phoebe.
From the start of the West Nile virus invasion of the United States, American crows have developed severe symptoms and died by the hundreds, dropping on roadsides and at least twice on the White House lawn.
Twenty-one infections have been confirmed in American crows in New York and New Jersey, four in blue jays, and one in a red-tailed hawk.

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