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Panasonic will aim for three billion yen sales in the solutions businesses centering on Space Player and 20 billion yen sales in the entire ambient lighting business by FY2019 (for the year ending on March 31, 2019).
Because their production requires know-how on lighting, video, and ambient lighting, new in-house systems have been developed to allow the planning and production of contents.
The report covers the present landscape and the growth prospects of the Global Automotive Ambient Lighting market for the period 2014-2018.
All three types of lighting will be required in this busy heart of the home, Task lighting for reading, Ambient lighting for watching TV and socialising and Accent lighting to highlight specific parts of a room such as paintings or plants.
Ambient lighting also offers customization to help automakers create a brand identity inside their vehicles.
Install Task Lighting - Putting in lighting such as under-counter kitchen lights or bathroom mirror lights can reduce the ambient lighting you use in large spaces.
Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has developed the "Space Player", a new type of lighting equipment combining the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors to create new options and ideas in spatial lighting for the ambient lighting market.
Developed by AccelerOptics, CAPTURE is an innovative optical projection surface that efficiently captures and uniformly distributes projected light to deliver brilliant images in high ambient lighting conditions with unprecedented gains.
Ambient lighting problems, such as passing shadows from overhead cranes, can confuse vision-based mold-protection systems-but not the new Nighthawk camera from Avalon Vision Solutions, LLC, Lithia Springs, Ga.
In addition to features and performance, both the new MultiSync FX and FXp displays deliver Intelligent Power Management (IPM), which draws just 40 watts during use, and AmbiBright technology, which automatically adjusts the display backlight depending on the brightness of ambient lighting conditions.
Max-Vu provides a means of optimizing contrast and viewability of AMLCD in high ambient lighting conditions and extreme environmental conditions.

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