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Emil, U.S. otologist, 1868-1948. See: Amberg lateral sinus line.
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18 June 2014 - Swiss fineblanking technology specialist Feintool International Holding AG (SWX:FTON) said it had agreed to sell its German assembly automation systems unit, IMA Amberg GmbH, to German-Chinese automotive group Preh GmbH, a subsidiary of Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp (SHA:600699), for some CHF24m (USD27m/EUR20m).
Amberg joined WPS in 1983 and has served in various positions since; most recently she was senior vice president of merchandising.
Amberg isn't the only one shaking pom-poms up and down the dial.
Although this is certainly the most thorough edition of The Foundling and The Gamester, it is reticent about other modern editions (a rare error sees Amberg referring to two modern reprints on p.
Amberg uses the United Automobile Workers (UAW) as a case study to examine more closely the process which ultimately left labour a relatively powerless special interest group.
In contrast to the postwar pluralists, Amberg views the New Deal reforms as successful because of the unique circumstances of the post - Second World War period, but the system was unable to "innovate because it lacked flexibility of organization and ideology" (p.
According to Amberg, other sports reporters and columnists in the state at first criticized the Advertiser's story, giving little weight to Ramsey's allegations and implying that Ramsey was not credible.
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