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1. An alcoholic liquor in which bitter vegetable substances (for example, quinine, gentian) have been steeped.
See also: bitter tonic.
2. Bitter vegetable drugs (for example, quassia, gentian, cinchona), usually used as tonics. Synonym(s): amara


n orally administered drugs made from botanical sources. Bitter in taste, they often are used to activate the gastrointestinal tract, to reduce inflammation, and to work as mild sedatives.


reflex sialogogues. Included in the group are gentian, quassia, nux vomica and quinine.
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Amara was left with a number of major medical problems after being starved of oxygen in the womb when her identical twin sister Chandra died before they were born, 10 weeks prematurely.
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A special committee consisting of the independent directors of the company has reviewed this proposal and, through its financial advisor, Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, has indicated to The Amara Group that, before the committee can consider the proposal, The Amara Group must provide the committee with additional credible information to confirm The Amara Group's capability to finance and complete a transaction.
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The Iraqi Excavations Company has completed on Saturday the digging of Amara-6 Oil Well, being part of the Amara Oil Field, comprising 6 oil wells," Ali al-Turfy told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, adding that the "plan to develop the new oil well comprises its connection with the oil-gas isolation network in the province.