William A., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Altemeier operation.
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The end product is often shorter than that of peers, lacking in detail, with poor penmanship, spelling, and syntax, as well as missing the sense of a plot or progressive theme (Berninger, Richards, Stock, Trivedi, & Altemeier, 2007; Dockrell, Lindsay, Connelly, & Mackie, 2007; McCutchen, 2006; Polloway, Patton, & Serna, 2005).
The sources from which consumers seek recommendations when making purchase decisions tend to be from personal sources (Murphy, Mascardo, & Benchkendorff, 2007; Stewart, Hickson, Rameshwar, Pechmann, & Altemeier, 1985) with this generally referred to in the literature as WOM communication.
Beginning writers may have ideas to include in a story plan yet struggle with the demanding task of the visual-motor integration process of manuscript printing or handwriting and, therefore, have little mental energy to retain or develop their story ideas (Berninger, Richards, Stock, Abbott, Trivedi, Altemeier, et al.
Promethazine hydrochloride is a phenothiazine derivative used in cough syrups for its antihistaminic, antiemetic, and sedative effects (Hickson, Altemeier & Clayton 1990).
These reasons for fostering might be indicative of the core group of active, committed foster parents who provide over half of foster care placements (Gibbs, 2004; Martin, Altemeier, Hickson, Davis, & Glascoe, 1992).
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CSA victims have more difficulty coping with everyday stressors (Perrott, Morris, Martin, & Romans, 1998) and report more symptoms of distress (Coffey, Leitenberg, Henning, Turner, & Bennett, 1996) and lower levels of well-being (Brayden, Deitrich-MacLean, Dietrich, Sherrod, & Altemeier, 1995).
Anthony Sciacca, Director and head of Structured Credit Products Marketing/Origination * Steve Altemeier, Director and head of Structured Credit Products Corporate Deal Management * Ken Gacevich, Vice President, Middle Market Loan Trading * Jason Powers, Vice President, Structured Credit Products Deal Management * Steve DiVittorio, Vice President, Credit Default Swap Trading * Chad Strean, Vice President, Credit Default Swap Sales
FFS payment encourages an increase in the volume of medical services compared to other payment formats (Hickson, Altemeier & Perrin, 1987; Broomberg & Price, 1990; Hemenway, Killen, Cashman, Parks & Bickness, 1990; Hohlen et al.
Physicians also often rely on parental reports of developmental milestones (Glascoe, Altemeier, & MacLean, 1989).