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alkaline phosphatase.

alkaline phosphatase test (ALP)

a blood test used to determine a variety of liver and bone disorders such as extrahepatic and intrahepatic obstructive biliary disease, cirrhosis, hepatic tumors, hepatotoxic drugs, hepatitis, osteoblastic metastatic tumors, Paget's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and hyperparathyroidism.

ambulance loading post

A point in the forward combat area where sick and wounded personnel are loaded into ambulances for transportation to a clearing station or a hospital.


alkaline phosphatase.
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3% stake in Ten Alps, worth pounds 2m at current prices, and is a non-executive director on its board.
ALPS can quickly develop new applications to meet the ever-changing next-generation standards throughout the world.
is the distributor for the ALPS Red Rocks Listed Private Equity Fund.
ALPS offers a broad array of components in a wide range or electronics markets.
Investors buy and sell shares of the ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF on a secondary market.
EDOG is a new product with a limited operating history and all three Exchange-Traded Funds are not individually redeemable, ALPS said.
To date in 2012, ALPS has brought on eight new mutual fund servicing clients, comprised of five new start-up mutual funds and three existing fund families.
The ALPS Equal Sector Weight ETF delivers exposure to the US Large Cap Equity market by investing equal proportions in each of the 9 Select Sector SPDRs and rebalances quarterly.
headquartered in Denver with offices in Boston, New York, and Seattle, ALPS is a 27-year-old financial services firm focused on asset servicing and asset gathering.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 24, 2016-Three ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETFs announces distributions for Q1 2016
DENVER -- ALPS Fund Services (ALPS), a leading provider of administration services to the alternative asset management industry, today announced the next step in their planned expansion with the opening of an operational office in Toronto.
A provider of customised asset servicing and gathering solutions ALPS revealed today that it is liquidating four ALPS|GS Momentum Builder Index exchange traded funds (ETFs).