Alprazolam, see there.
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Alprox-TD Cream: A proprietary product currently in Phase 3 clinical development for erectile dysfunction.
an emerging international pharmaceutical and medical device company, is developing 1) Alprox-TD and Femprox, topically-applied treatments for male and female sexual dysfunction; and 2) Viratrol, a non-invasive, hand-held device for treating oral and genital herpes.
Its lead NexACT product under development is the Alprox-TD cream treatment for male erectile dysfunction.
Liu said, "I am honored to be named as Chief Executive Officer of NexMed and am committed to the execution of our stated goals, including the ultimate approval and commercialization of our anti-fungal product with Novartis, as well as the clinical development of Alprox-TD and our ongoing partnering discussions for our product pipeline.
patent application on topical compositions for the delivery of alprostadil, which will cover both the Alprox-TD and Femprox formulations.
Some of the notable molecules expected to hit the market in the future include Inhalable insulin, NESP, Buspar TDS, Viagra Zydis, Insulin oral spray, Oral Heparin, Alprox-TD and Evra TDS.
clinical development programs on the Alprox-TD and Femprox topical treatments for male erectile dysfunction ("ED") and female sexual arousal disorder ("FSAD").
NexMed recently stated that it commenced the Phase II program for the Alprox-TD cream for treating male erectile dysfunction (ED).
Phase II clinical program on the Alprox-TD cream for treating male erectile dysfunction (ED).
The Company is also developing Alprox-TD cream, its proprietary topical formulation for treating ED.
Phase II clinical trials for both Alprox-TD and Femprox, our topical treatments for male and female sexual dysfunction.