Allocation System

A system for distributing a limited resource—e.g., kidneys for transplantation—in the most equitable fashion possible
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I think it's a less efficient capital allocation system.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today the latest products in its Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS) lineup, which feature advanced functions and designs for extra-efficient elevator operation and user convenience.
The balance in the FA's allocation system is not right.
and intrastate provider Atmos, to mention a few of its opponents, in an effort to convince FERC to let it go to a daily allocation system.
In September 2008, Minister of the Environment Rob Renner announced a re-examination of Alberta's water allocation system.
This model has been built to world best practice and standards and is in line with the TRA's guidance instructions to Etisalat on building the cost allocation system for the purposes of making regulatory pricing determinations.
In 2008, the government announced a review of the current water allocation system and commissioned three reports, all of which recommended deregulated markets allowing for water licenses to be transferred without public oversight.
of IFAD's resources, as well as progress report on implementation of the performance-based allocation system.
The unionist-dominated council filled the positions using the d'Hondt allocation system.
These proposals will, if given the go ahead reintroduce the old school allocation system, choice will no longer be an option.
Defense Priorities Allocation System (DPAS)--CLC 043
Shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove said yesterday the random allocation system, being used in some parts of the country, reduced the crucial decision for parents to a "spin of a roulette wheel".

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