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Oscar Huntington, U.S. surgeon, 1836-1921. See: Allis forceps.
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84, Allis again deploys a literary connection--Edward Bulwer-Lytton's (1803-73) fantastical novel A Strange Story of 1860--to exonerate a musical work from charges that in this case include a dubitable standard of creative inspiration alongside structural disjunction.
The music specialist encounters lesser-known literary figures and writings, alternating with familiar topics such as the evolution of Tennyson reception, and readers of all disciplines can beneficially explore the rich pathways of communication that Allis reveals between later nineteenth-century British composers and their literary contemporaries.
By 2000, when Stahl and Allis proposed that there's an elaborate code of histone modifications, scientists had tallied several histone-tail decorations beyond methylation and acetylation and identified additional enzymes involved in this chemical accessorizing.
Now, we're finding these docking molecules," says Allis.
LIFE AND DEATH Allis notes that some investigators may quibble with the notion of a histone code.
Allis initially will have one or two meetings with a client, but may not need to see the company contact again for months or years, communicating in the meantime by fax or e-mail.
Language barriers also usually pose no problem, Allis says, because so many clients' top executives speak English or have even been educated in the states.
Receiving this award shows the commitment that Aurora West Allis caregivers and physicians have made to achieving our goal of delivering high-quality, patient-centered care to the communities we serve," Kellar says.
Joining Aurora West Allis on this year's list of honorees is Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center.
We integrated the best features from the AGCO Allis and White tractors into the new line," Hoffman says.
All former AGCO Allis and White dealers across North America are now AGCO dealers.
The development of new products and the improvements of existing ones represent Allis Mineral Systems' thrust to meet changing customer needs.