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Kraft; IgE and IgG antibodies of patients with allergy to birch pollen as tools to define the allergen profile of Betula verrucosa; Allergy; Vol.
Kevin TenBrink, Marketing Director for Phadia US, says, "Each patient has a unique allergen profile, much like a fingerprint, with no two alike.
A comprehensive allergen profile is required to fully understand an individual's specific risk and cross-reactivity profile.
CRDs employing recombinant allergens and comprehensive allergen profiles using microarray nanotechnology offer complementary diagnostic tools for the allergy specialist.
Total IgE and specific allergen profile in urban black African school children in Cape Town.
Studies should urgently be performed to assess the prevalence of food and other allergies, and a patient register of subjects with anaphylaxis and severe allergies should be established to assess their demographics, allergen profiles and the nature of treatment received.
The availability of preselected allergen profiles greatly simplifies the task of selecting allergens for testing.
Representative allergen profiles, containing a limited selection of allergens, can provide sufficient evidence to rule out allergy in non-allergic patients and identify pertinent sensitivities in allergic patients.