Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland,

character created by author Lewis Carroll.
Alice in Wonderland syndrome - syndrome characterized by distortion of time perception, distortion of body perception, and visual hallucinations; migraine is often involved.
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Ultimately, Tenniel and Carroll's illustrations of Alice in Wonderland suggest that the Victorian- Romantic vision of carefree childhood is an unsustainable impossibility.
The fact is this collaboration delights me and is everything you'd imagine an Alice In Wonderland make-up range to be.
The trip was planned to promote Llandudno as the home of Alice in Wonderland and the direct train available from the London station.
St Tudno's was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the British Tea Guild in 2013 and, of course, the hotel offers some mouthwatering Alice in Wonderland Teas.
Colleen Atwood, who won an Oscar for the costumes on Alice in Wonderland is a part of "rough the Looking Glass," as is long-time Burton collaborator Danny Elfman.
Andrea Nixon, of Tate Liverpool, said: "We are delighted that Tate Liverpool's Alice in Wonderland exhibition has inspired such a lively and imaginative programme of family events.
Alice In Wonderland SKY MOVIES FAMILY, 8PM After a surprise marriage proposal, Alice Kingsleigh flees a posh garden party filled with expectant friends and family to think things over.
Summary: Tim Burton's new film Alice in Wonderland has stormed the UK and Ireland box office with record opening takings for a 3D movie.
And if Team Depp & Burton wanted to give fairytale a dark push, Alice In Wonderland had to be the material to go for.
Alice in Wonderland has inspired the imaginations of generations of readers, writers, and artists the world over.
ALICE IN WONDERLAND (3D) PG, 108mins Opens Friday, March 5
Disney is taking an outside-the-box approach with its licensing program around Tim Burton's upcoming Alice In Wonderland movie, and it looks like it may already be paying off, at least in one neighborhood: Two shades of OPI-licensed nail polish, Absolutely Alice (blue glitter) and Mad as a Hatter (black multicolor glitter), were sold out at local beauty chains, TLLDA observes.