Carrel, Alexis

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Alexis, French-U.S. surgeon and Nobel laureate, 1873-1944.
Carrel clamp
Carrel method
Carrel mosquito forceps
Carrel operation
Carrel patch
Carrel sutures
Carrel treatment - treatment of wound surfaces by intermittent flushing with Dakin solution. Synonym(s): Dakin-Carrel treatment
Carrel tube
Carrel-Lindbergh pump - a perfusion device designed for use in culture of whole organs.
Dakin-Carrel treatment - Synonym(s): Carrel treatment
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We have come a long way since Alexis Carrel demonstrated his method of joining blood vessels in 1902, the first real milestone in organ transplant history.
Blainey might have added that Dalton remained a lifelong Quaker, Mendel and Pasteur lifelong Catholics; the pioneering surgeon Alexis Carrel was a Catholic convert.
The first-born was called Millie to mark the new Millennium, Christa was named after heart transplant pioneer Dr Christian Barnard, Alexis and Carrel were named in honour of 1912 Nobel Prize winner Dr Alexis Carrel and the unexpected fifth baby was named Dotcom because "any association with dotcoms seems to boost a company's valuation".