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Gustav, Austrian otolaryngologist, 1873-1932. See: Alexander hearing impairment.


W. Stewart, 20th-century New Zealand pathologist. See: Alexander disease.
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Speaking of the Alexander Plays in general, Alisa Solomon asserts that "these pieces offer .
It is well known that often Alexander jests with his wife about her continued deep love for European artists such as Sibelius, Chopin, and Beethoven, and indeed if anyone in Accra wants to hear these composers one only has to pass the windows of the delightful white stucco house among the fragrant flowers on the campus at Legon" (17).
Suzanne falls deathly ill, and David Alexander sits by her bedside awaiting "the results of his wife's undisclosed surgery" (11).
The idea of liberation that propels the original Orpheus story also motivates Kennedy's couple, especially David Alexander, who can be heard on the radio reading aloud lines about "liberation" from famed author Frantz Fanon (6).
But though a doctor by training, David Alexander is repeatedly linked with music.
She retells the myth from the perspective of a black woman; that is, from the viewpoint of her black Eurydice, Suzanne Alexander.
Professor Alexander still continues to speak about attaining true independence.
James Alexander, of the highly acclaimed book S-Business: Reinventing the Services Organization.
Alexander Consulting offers consulting, workshops, training, and company-specific assessments and benchmarks.

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