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(hăm′əl-tən), Alice 1869-1970.
American toxicologist and physician known for her research on occupational poisons and her book Industrial Poisons in the United States (1925).
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Iron Mountain is honored to receive Treasury & Risk's prestigious Alexander Hamilton Award for our global treasury program," said Jeff Lawrence, senior vice president and treasurer of Iron Mountain.
The Federalist Party, led by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, fought for a strong central government controlled by the educated classes.
Alexander Hamilton saw the American Revolution as a collectivistic enterprise designed to forge a coherent nation under a strong centralized federal government.
Al Goodloe, a founding member of the newsletter association while he was at Alexander Hamilton, served on the board of directors for six years and was named to the association's Hall of Fame in 2003.
Alexander Hamilton to Robert Hamilton, June 12, 1742, New College Library (Edinburgh).
Two hundred years ago, the American Republic began amidst disagreements between democrats allied with Thomas Jefferson and pro-wealth forces led by Alexander Hamilton.
This is made clear in Federalist 17, published 214 years ago last week by Alexander Hamilton, the founder best known for favoring a powerful central government.
DIED: Robert Basker, 82, founder of the Mattachine Society in Chicago and Alexander Hamilton Post 448 of the American Legion in San Francisco, after a lengthy illness, in San Francisco, April 6.
Early American patriots often used pseudonyms like Publius (used by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay when they wrote the Federalist Papers) when they advocated political change.
The oils include portraits of such important figures as Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the U.
Paychex earned a bronze Alexander Hamilton Award in the Enterprise Risk Management category for innovation in translating risk modeling methods to top-line strategy improvements.