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Pigling Bland listened gravely; Alexander was hopelessly volatile.
Pigling Bland and Alexander trotted along steadily for a mile; at least Pigling Bland did.
Pigling Bland and Alexander sat down and untied their bundles.
And on these matters I spoke at Nantes with Rouen, when Valentino, as Cesare Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander, was usually called, occupied the Romagna, and on Cardinal Rouen observing to me that the Italians did not understand war, I replied to him that the French did not understand statecraft, meaning that otherwise they would not have allowed the Church to reach such greatness.
The fact is,' he has said, 'there is between her and Alexander a certain coolness.
As I weep, I perceive the cat Alexander approaching.
I hope that Alexander 'as not hurt poor Polly, of whom I am very fond,' she has said.
Only direct necessity could drive Alexander Paulvitch to personal conflict; but it was indeed dire necessity which goaded him on to action now.
Alexander asked, after showing gracious concern about his tea.
Alexander went on, "it must have been a flash of the distrust I have come to feel whenever I meet any of the people who knew Bartley when he was a boy.
Alexander sat looking into the fire with intent preoccupation, and Wilson studied her half-averted face.
Alexander, Alexander," she whispered, moving to him and beginning to weep.