Aleutian Islands

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Aleutian Islands,

chain of islands in the North Pacific Ocean.
Aleutian disease - plasma cell disorder of minks with characteristics similar to multiple myeloma.
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Data report: 1991 bottom trawl survey of the Aleutian Islands area.
Sampling was conducted in 1994, and from 2005 to 2008 along the eastern Bering Sea continental shelf and the Aleutian Islands archipelago (Table 1).
Halibut fishing regions are as follows: Southeast (2C), the Gulf of Alaska (3A/B), Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (4 A/B/C/D and the Community Development Quota).
2005) examined geographic patterns of demersal ichthyofauna in the Aleutian Islands and found that smaller Pacific ocean perch ([less than or equal to] 25 cm, Reuter (2)) inhabited shallower water (<150 m) than that inhabited by larger individuals, and they further suggested that large catches (>100 kg/ha) could be affiliated with zones of increased productivity and prey availability.
The tsunami warning covered coastal areas from Nikolski to Attu at the western end of the Aleutian island chain.
Payton seamlessly blends fact and fiction to tell the story of a lesser-known subject--the Japanese invasion of Alaska's Aleutian Islands during World War--that's equally as meditative and just as informed as his nonfiction.
In addition, the Aleutian Islands were closed to directed pollock fishing.
Fish and Wildlife Service's Alaska Marine Mammals Management Office in Anchorage, monitoring sea otters (Enhydra lutris) and other marine mammals around the Near Islands and other Aleutian Islands might not be possible without support from the Alaska Maritime Refuge's research vessel, the M/V Tiglax (pronounced (TEKH-lah--the Unangan or Aleut word for eagle).
On a second expedition in 1741 he was the first European to reach the Gulf of Alaska and to chart the Alaskan coastline and the Aleutian Islands.
SPOT LLC, the manufacturer of the satellite based SPOT messenger system, has announced that an upgrade to a satellite ground station located in Wasilla, Alaska has allowed the company to extend coverage for the system, so that it can now offer a service to all SPOT system users across the entirety of Alaska, including the Aleutian Islands and the surrounding maritime regions as well as the Gulf of Alaska and portions of both the North Pacific and South Arctic Oceans.
Their winter distribution extends approximately 3000 km from Kodiak Island, Alaska, west through the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and the Commander Islands of Russia.
Ms Kurle, a graduate student, spent three summers conducting surveys on 32 Aleutian islands, 17 with rats and 15 without.