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(Weiss) (ahl-bē'nūs, wīs),
Bernhard S., German anatomist and surgeon, 1697-1770. See: Albinus muscle.
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Alcuin Reid, The Organic Development of the Liturgy (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2005), 73.
Frost's Alcuin cannot be a democrat, cannot be "liberal" in the modern sense of the word, because that simply was not a possibility in the historical situation in which he found himself.
The times bring to mind to mind such personages as Bede, Alcuin, St.
This theme was adopted by later monastic writers such as Alcuin of York, Charlemagne's educational reformer, who had inscribed over the doorway of the scriptorium at Fulda, "It is more meritorious to copy books than to tend the vines" (Leclerq 123).
Alcuin (735-804), who was an English scholar and adviser on education to Charlemagne, the eighth century ruler of France (as legend has it) asked the king: "What is an herb?
Mechanimals--a recent winner in the Alcuin Society's Book Design Awards--will appeal to budding inventors and those who have big dreams.
Donald Gray, Memorial Services, Alcuin Liturgy Guides 1 (London: Alcuin Club, 2002): 36.
Alcuin of York, the greatest scholar of the day, suggested that further attack might be averted by moral reform in the monastery.
In the 9th century, Alcuin of York declared that the crowning of Charlemagne as the first Holy Roman Emperor would bring forth a new Imperium Christianum.
The Latin switch to unleavened bread had occurred in the late eighth century in the Carolingian Empire, first witnessed in the works of Alcuin of York and Rabanus Maurus.
Alcuin Blamires discusses the access of women to biblical studies in the Middle Ages in 'The Limits of Bible Study for Medieval Women', in Women, the Book and the Godly,