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Obesity, medical conditions like Albright syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia or hypothyroidism, or coming into direct contact with hormones oestrogen or testosterone are some of them.
McCune Albright syndrome (MAS) was diagnosed if patients with mono/ polystotic FD had either cafe-au-lait macules and/or endocrinopathy.
A 34-year-old man with a 20-year history of McCune Albright syndrome presented to the endocrinology department because of increasing multiple hard swellings over his legs and difficulty walking.
Acromegaly and its treatment in the Mc Cune Albright Syndrome.
Characterization of gsp-mediated growth hormone excess in the context of McCune Albright syndrome.
Growth hormone-prolactin-thyrotropin secreting pituitary adenoma in atypical McCune Albright Syndrome with functionally normal Gs alpha protein.
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia or McCune Albright syndrome when associated with skin hyperpigmentation and endocrine dysfunction is another condition associated with elevated FGF23 concentrations.
Colby was born with Neonatal Cushings McCune Albright syndrome - which only six others in the world are known to have had.