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(Weiss) (ahl-bē'nūs, wīs),
Bernhard S., German anatomist and surgeon, 1697-1770. See: Albinus muscle.
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See Reginald Eldred Witt, Albinus and the History of Middle Platonism (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1971), 132; here Witt refers to Republic 508b, Symposium 208e, and Seventh Letter 341c-d.
Al Majed played in Group 39 along with Paetur Albinus of Faroe Islands and Vietnam's Tuan Quynh Tran.
DECIMUS CLODIUS ALBINUS, born in Hadrume(n)tum (Sousse, Tunisia), was governor of Lower Germany in 189, then governor of Britain c.
Lars von Trier, con Bodil Jorgensen y Jens Albinus.
The son of Selkirk - a 200,000gns yearling purchase by John Ferguson - is a brother to talented stayer Albinus and half-brother to Group 1-winning mares Alborada and Albanova.
Albinus used his friendship with the emperor to get Peter crucified (upside down), much to the relief of the husbands of Rome.
Para sua realizacao, foram utilizados dez Rattus navergicus albinus machos, variedade Wistar (tres a quatro meses, 250-300 g).
Foram utilizados 40 animais machos da especie Rattus norvegicus, Albinus, Wistar, com aproximadamente 45g e recem desmamados com 21 dias de vida.
Actor Jens Albinus obediently complied with von Trier's instructions, with some assistance from Susanne (or was it Anne Louise Hassing?
Die Friede sei mit dir (Peace I give to you) Text: Johann Georg Albinus (first movement); S.
The stances of a number of the whole-body figures that display muscles are similar to those of figures from the book on the anatomy of the skeletal muscular system published by Bernhard Albinus in 1747.
70) The names of both Pescennius Niger and Clodius Albinus appear significant to our colour-conscious eyes as possibly denoting black African origins.