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A WOMAN who nearly lost her arm after being mauled by a Japanese Akita fighting dog has warned people over the dangerous breed.
Armed officers were given a green light to kill the Japanese Akita following a vicious attack near Marton crossroads on Monday.
THERE ARE two types of Akitas, of differing weights and sizes: the original Japanese Akita breed and an American Akita.
It is thought that one of the Akitas was involved in the attack but both were seized by police and are to be destroyed.
Q MY Japanese Akita, Bobby, has snapped at and nearly attacked my four-year-old girl three times.
But the four-year-old has been left scared and scarred after being bitten by a Japanese akita dog.
Durham Crown Court heard yesterday that the Akitas grabbed hold of the terrier, Benji, and began shaking it in their mouths.
For anyone interested in Japanese Akitas, log on to the JAWT (Japanese Akita Welfare Trust) website at /www.
Highjinxter68 Akitas are not fighting dogs but were bred for hunting.
Akitas are considered to be one of Britain's most aggressive dogs.
My little, gentle ten-year-old Jack Russell terrier was attacked and savaged by two Akitas in the rear garden of my house in October last year.
Japanese akitas are large dogs and can be aggressive towards other dogs.