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Air classification system with classifier mill (a) and air-sizing sifter (b)
He adds that nearly all systems work on the principle of degrees of separation that involve screens, air classification, float tanks and magnets as well as hand sorting.
AppliedSensor's extensive experience in alternative applications for detection elements and sensors, their compatible range of products for air classification applications, their technical know-how and comprehensive research facilities were all significant factors in our decision to partner with them," Braaksma said.
Air Classification Module Provides High Sensitivity, Stability
In order to reduce the intake of undesired levels of unhealthy and unpleasant gases to an acceptable minimum, TI's Air Classification Module in MEMS design will provide high sensitivity, high stability and a response time significantly lower (several seconds) than driver or passenger recognition by using state-of-the- art sensitive materials/processes.
In addition, Wittmann proposes including in the energy ratings a Dry Air Classification based on the dewpoint of which the dryer is capable.
Aider dry cleaning, B+B's PET recycling line puts the flake through air classification and into the firm's new HWK continuous hot washer.
Next, air classification removes textiles and PUR foam.
Galloo uses air classification and eddy currents for this step.
Subsequent integral air classification is said to allow precise product-size tailoring.
Countercurrent-flow air classification uses electromagnets to generate a magnetic flux field.