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AIFF FC's coach Floyd Pinto told M AIL T ODAY that he had encouraged boys, saying that Pele had stood up for his teams many times in similar situations.
This is due to the festival's pleasant location, the island's safety and the overall potential of the AIFF to continue to grow internationally.
AIFF will open with a screening of ICEBOUND, produced and directed by Academy Award Nominated filmmaker Danile Anker, a feature length documentary about the 1925 Serum Run to Nome, which premiered at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam.
Stating that the investors will get an opportunity to actually see a return on their investments in time, Das said that the potential returns could be substantial in both business and emotional terms, and added that AIFF is putting together their own national team programme with the aim of becoming a World Cup-playing nation within ten years.
We're excited to have Media Exchange Group as our Official Digital Publisher Partner for this year's festival and have been thoroughly impressed and pleased with how quickly they developed and brought the iPhone App to market," says Derek Horne, AIFF Festival Programmer.
After that we will conduct a workshop in January about what the FIFA and the AIFF thinks about their plans," Prabhakaran said.
What the AIFF official left unsaid, though, was that the federation was left with no choice but to join forces with the IMGR on the project, with the I-League failing to be a commercially viable product even after so many years.
AIFF had appointed A K Ganguly, a retired judge to look into the case and his finding got the approval of an I-League Core Committee on Saturday.
The clubs have often been vocal about the AIFF not promoting the I- League in a proactive way, which has allowed the glitzy Indian Super League ( ISL) a headstart in terms of generating interest in Indian football.
I League CEO, Sunando Dhar, told media: "During our delegation's recent visit to Dubai, the UAE football body's chief [Yousuf Al Sarkal] said that the AIFF can send its officials to be part of the organising committee of the upcoming junior World Cup, which they are hosting later this year.
Meanwhile, Union Heavy Industries Minister Praful Patel, who is the AIFF President xpressed his delight over the agreement, and described the event to be an important step in efforts to improve the standards of football game in the country by providing best sporting infrastructure.
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