J. Dennis, 20th-century French neurologist. See: Aicardi syndrome.
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Following investigations, she was eventually diagnosed with the extremely rare Aicardi Syndrome in January this year.
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8,9) Arachnoid cysts can also be associated with mucopolysaccharidosis, neurofibromatosis type 1, schizencephaly, Aicardi syndrome, and Landau Kleffner syndrome.
The three-year-old was born with Aicardi syndrome - a chromosome disorder - which has left her without a middle section of the brain.
Angela, a community nurse, from Seaway, South Shields, said: "I was gutted to be told that Amber had Aicardi syndrome as it was totally unexpected.
Lili suffers from Aicardi syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder that causes infantile spasms in girls and affects only 7,000 people worldwide.
Aicardi has more than 18 years of experience and was most recently with Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) where he undertook senior sales and relationship management responsibilities.
Hemimegancephaly, porencephaly, Aicardi syndrome, olivary dentate dysplasia, mammillary body agenesis, cerebral dysgenesis and cortical dysplasias have been related with this condition.
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Two-year-old Katie Verdecchia has Aicardi syndrome - an inherited neurological condition that cause brain malformation, in which the structure connecting the two sides of her brain are missing.