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abbreviation for xeroderma pigmentosum.


The X chromosome that a daughter receives from her father.

xanthoma palpebrarum

; XP soft, yellowish plaques of fatty tissue; patients with hypercholesterolaemia may develop XP of eyelids
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One of the challenges of adopting agile software development is therefore the issue of unfamiliarity with agile RM tools, since both the development team and customer have a traditional view of requirements management.
Although it is possible to bootstrap your project team, and even your entire organization, into agile software development you are much better advised to seek the help of people who have gone before you.
Our preferred strategy is to outsource entire projects on a call-off basis to an Agile software development supplier who will wholly manage individual work package
Mr Meissner provides his ideas on agile toolkits like scrum - an iterative and incremental agile software development method for managing projects and product development - and how to visually map out the development process based on the findings.
As agile software development gains momentum in the enterprise and agile adoption reaches a tipping point in the software industry, we are very excited to partner with LLR in accelerating our growth and expanding market opportunity.
Participants will gain a solid understanding of the values, principles and practices that have led Agile software development to become a strategic initiative for today's software-driven organizations.
The use of agile software development processes continues to grow in both the software development and project management sectors.
As part of its continuous commitment to the people, process and culture of Agile software development, Electric Cloud is proud to be a silver level sponsor of Agile2014.
As adoption of Agile software development methodologies continue to increase throughout the U.
of Sheffield, UK) uses examples from almost 100 commercial projects to help business clients plan, implement and manage an agile software development program.
Agile software development has become a major craze in many IT and engineering circles.
Participants will learn from world-class coaches and experts on how to reap the benefits of Agile software development, including faster time to market and increased responsiveness to changing customer needs.