Aggravating Circumstances

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Special circumstances that increase the seriousness or outrageousness of a given crime, and thus increase a wrongdoer's penalty or punishment, such as when the crime of aggravated assault, a physical attack made worse when committed with a dangerous weapon, results in severe bodily injury or is made in conjunction with another serious crime. Aggravated assault is usually considered a felony, punishable by a prison sentence.
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He was in the prime of life, but very bald--had been in the army and the coal trade--wore very stiff collars and prodigiously long wristbands--seldom laughed, but talked with remarkable glibness, and was never known to lose his temper under the most aggravating circumstances of prison existence.
It was an aggravating circumstance in the case that he had no idea of this, but conceived that he was making me amends in every new discovery: not to say, heaping obligations on my head.
said Mr Lillyvick--rather sharply; for he had not known what Nicholas was, on the previous night, and it was rather an aggravating circumstance if a tax collector had been too polite to a teacher.
The benefit of the Ohio system is that it "identifie[s] all the relevant aggravating circumstances to be placed before the sentencer" and "narrows the issues for the penalty phase.
Twelve to 18 months' imprisonment where there are no aggravating circumstances
provided for the application of Italian law and for the Court of Milan to be the court of competent jurisdiction * Most of the documents are written in Italian * There is a trial pending at the Court of Milan in which Martina Hingis put forward the same claims as those included in the American summons * Martina Hingis did not provide any proof of the willfulness of the alleged offence nor of additional aggravating circumstances, both of which are fundamental in order to settle punitive damages.
This measure would provide that second degree murder of a peace officer employed by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) or the California State University system is punishable by life imprisonment without possibility of parole where aggravating circumstances are present.
Dewani, from Westburyon-Trym, Bristol, denies five charges - murder, kidnap, conspiracy, robbery with aggravating circumstances and defeating justice.
Western Cape High Court Judge Robert Henney found Mngeni, 25, guilty of robbery with aggravating circumstances, premeditated murder and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, News24 reports.
With respect to sentencing, the Chamber considered as aggravating circumstances the gravity of the offences, particularly the large number of crimes in a wide geographical area, the vulnerability of the victims, and the abuse of your position of authority," said Alphons Orie, the presiding judge.
The trio face charges of murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, and kidnapping.
His defence solicitor, Katherine Hodson, said the ban was unfair and urged magistrates to slash it, arguing there were no aggravating circumstances.