Aggravating Circumstances

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Special circumstances that increase the seriousness or outrageousness of a given crime, and thus increase a wrongdoer's penalty or punishment, such as when the crime of aggravated assault, a physical attack made worse when committed with a dangerous weapon, results in severe bodily injury or is made in conjunction with another serious crime. Aggravated assault is usually considered a felony, punishable by a prison sentence.
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He was in the prime of life, but very bald--had been in the army and the coal trade--wore very stiff collars and prodigiously long wristbands--seldom laughed, but talked with remarkable glibness, and was never known to lose his temper under the most aggravating circumstances of prison existence.
It was an aggravating circumstance in the case that he had no idea of this, but conceived that he was making me amends in every new discovery: not to say, heaping obligations on my head.
said Mr Lillyvick--rather sharply; for he had not known what Nicholas was, on the previous night, and it was rather an aggravating circumstance if a tax collector had been too polite to a teacher.
If convicted, Mao faces between two and five years in jail for intentional violence with aggravating circumstances.
The accused - Xolisa Baba (26), who is the surviving suspect - was meant to stand trial today, on a charge of armed robbery with aggravating circumstances.
box type="shadow" align="alignleft" ] $76,000,000 plaintiffs verdict Wrongful Death Breakdown: $3 million in compensatory damages, $3 million in damages for aggravating circumstances Injuries alleged: Transected inferior vena cava, multiple broken ribs, spinal fractures, internal bleeding, collapsed lungs and broken sternum, death Venue: Clay County Circuit Court Case Number/Date: 16CY-CV00063/Feb.
Considering that the special aggravating circumstances of relationship and minority were not properly alleged in the Information, and Tanya's age was not proved, the penalty should be reduced to reclusion perpetua plus P50,000 civil indemnity, P50,000 moral damages and P25,000 exemplary damages (People vs.
6 billion from the DAP spending, and pursue cases of malversation of public funds with aggravating circumstances against Aquino, former DBM secretary Florencio Abad and former DBM undersecretary Mario Relampagos.
On October 27 Pietermaritzburg High Court convicted and sentenced Mthembu to two life terms for murder of the couple, as well as 15 years for robbery with aggravating circumstances and five years for each count of kidnapping.
If aggravated circumstances are combined with extenuating excuses or circumstances in one offence, the court shall apply first the aggravating circumstances then the extenuating excuses and then the extenuating circumstances.
According to the applicable rules, the minimum period of ineligibility in this situation is a sanction of two years but can be increased to up to four years in the case of aggravating circumstances.
Warwickshire Police said cases only usually ended up in court if it was a repeat offence, or if there were other aggravating circumstances.