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Abbreviations refer to plant species: Aga = Agastache hybrid; Age = Ageratina aromatica; Al = Aloysia virgata; Bu = Buddleja davidii; Ca = Calamintha nepeta; Co = Conoclinium coelestinum; Da = Daucus carota; Ga = Galium aparine; Monardia punctata; Pi = Pityopsis graminifolia; Ph = Phyla nodiflora; St = Stellaria media.
Species Common Name Agastache hybrid Blue fortune anise hyssop Ageratina aromatica (L.
Our field observations showed that some ferns failed to establish in pure patches of Ageratina adenophora.
The distribution of Neocheiropteris palmatopedata overlaps with that of Ageratina adenophora in Yunnan.
The effects of Ageratina adenophora leachates on Neocheiropteris palmatopedata were evaluated in three ways in this study: 1) rate of rhizoid elongation, 2) rate and percentage of spore germination, and 3) gametophyte morphology.
The effects of Ageratina adenophora leachates on spore germination and gametophyte development of Neocheiropteris palmatopedata were analyzed by ANOVA using the SPSS 10.
Root, stem and leaf leachates of Ageratina adenophora delayed spore germination.
Most taxa associated with Ageratina luciae-brauniae [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6A OMITTED] or Solidago albopilosa [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6B OMITTED] occurred sporadically among rockhouses.
Of the taxa associated with Ageratina luciae-brauniae and/or Solidago albopilosa, 96% have the [C.
The majority of taxa associated with Ageratina luciae-brauniae and/or Solidago albopilosa are phanerophytes (40%) or hemicryptophytes (36%); 2% are chamaephytes, 13% are cryptophytes, and 9% are therophytes.
Similarities in total species composition and in endemic taxa composition between all pairwise combinations of the 15 and the 17 (for which separate floristic lists were kept) rockhouses with Ageratina luciae-brauniae and Solidago albopilosa, respectively, were calculated using Sorensen's index (SIs),
Herbaceous plants occurring beneath these taller trees are Ageratina altissima, Cinna arundinacea, Dichanthelium clandestinum, Elymus virginicus, Galium aparine, Geum canadense, Muhlenbergia schreberi, Poa trivialis, Rubus occidentalis, Sanicula odorata, Stellaria media, Symphyotrichum lateriflorum, and Verbesina alternifolia.