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An alkaloid extracted from the poison mushroom Amanita muscaria; selectively stimulates receptors for γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and is used as a molecular probe to study GABA receptors; a potent CNS depressant, muscimol inhibits motor function; exposure can lead to psychosis; 3-aminometnyl-3-hydroxyisoxazole.
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Bunun icin Muller Hinton agarin merkezine amoksisilin-klavulanik asit (20/10 [mu]g) diski ve bu diskin etrafina merkeze uzakliklari 20 mm olacak sekilde seftazidim (30 [mu]g), seftriakson (30 [mu]g), sefotaksim (30 [mu]g) ye aztreonam (30 [mu]g) diskleri yerlestirilmistir.
Nwagwu and Agarin (2008) found that web users in the university do not link through their university portals as most of the email addresses of the web users are not linked to the university websites.
Agarin, a research fellow at the University of Aberdeen, compares the extent of democratization among the three Baltic states, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania as demonstrated through the level of their inclusion of Russian and Polish speaking minorities in the democratic process.