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On the afternoon of October 19, 2003, Terry Ayala of San Antonio, Texas, was awakened from her Sunday afternoon nap by loud barking.
People are probably designed to sleep 6 or 7 hours at night and take a short afternoon nap, he suggests.
How often does your average cabbie take you to meet his family, instruct you on what to eat and drink, insist on your taking an afternoon nap and pass you off as his girlfriend?
It was definitely the dark side of the Jackie moment, the dawn of Valium and cosmetic pharmacology: "deconstructed" ratted-up bouffants with lots of visible bobby pins and the bottom part hanging down, pointy early-'60s low sling-backs, handbags, cardigans, and demure skirts, some in slip material perfect for when you've woken up from your depressive afternoon nap and just want to throw on your coat over your housedress.
Centre manager Angela Wetherall said Milo was a friendly chap who gets on well with other dogs, walks well on his lead and loves an afternoon nap.
We don't have the tradition of an afternoon nap here.
As people are likely to feel tired and sleepy while fasting due to a decrease in blood glucose levels, experts strongly recommend taking an afternoon nap, which prevents blood glucose levels from remaining too low.
Team it with a classic beef stew and factor in time for an afternoon nap.
Recently I had my afternoon nap interrupted by a lady who every few seconds pointed out that she didn't want me to give the wrong idea as to why she was phoning me.
The Spanish siesta, or afternoon nap, came top with 39 per cent of the vote.
A study published recently in Nature Neuroscience compared a group of volunteers who learned a computer game and then took an afternoon nap to another group who learned the game and did not nap.
AFTERNOON NAP looks a progressive sort and Bob Pattinson's local can prove the point with victory in the 7.