African American

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African American

An American citizen with origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

African American

Multiculture A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. See Race.

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Q. does anyone know of any really good salons in germany for african american hair?

A. Germany is quite big, but here (
) you can find an "afro-shop" according to your location, and here ( is a list of hair salons sorted by zip code.

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In 1982, eleven years after meeting Darwin at Western Michigan University (and after securing a doctorate in English at the University of Michigan) I applied for a position as a Visiting Professor of Afroamerican Literature at the University of Iowa.
The specific aims of this compilation are: (a) to quantitatively evaluate the use of palms in north-western South America, comparing different ecoregions (the Amazon, Andes and Chocd) and countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia); (b) to compare palm use patterns in different ethnobotanical use-categories and subcategories; (c) to analyze differences in the use of palms among different human groups (indigenous, mestizos, afroamericans and colonos) and compare the knowledge between different indigenous groups; and (d) to identify the most important palm species for the local populations living in the tropical forests of the study region.
In keeping with this commitment, the bank has promised to donate the collection to the AfroAmerican Cultural Center in Charlotte, N.
The problematic of addiction as a disease significantly affects the national AfroAmerican community, however, most studies of chemical addiction have focused basically on white male populations; ignoring issues such as ethnicity, gender, and particularly in regards to the underlying causes of addiction within the Black community (Britt, 2012; Sanders, 2002).
A Afroamerican, C Colono, I Indigenous, M Mestizo, Ni Not identified
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And with Will Smith (Ali) and Denzel Washington (Training Day) likely to split the black vote, it's unlikely that this will be the first year since Sidney Poitier in 1964 that an AfroAmerican picks up the trophy.
In this case, it is the heritage and culture of quilting among Southern, AfroAmerican women which figures largely, and Barbara Christian's introduction to the edition carefully situates both Walker and her story in that culture and its history.
Also read Robert Farris Thompson's discussion in Flash of the Spirit: African & AfroAmerican Art and Philosophy (New York: Vintage, 1983), 104.
explains, that the preacher in the African American tradition is the father of figuration: "The master of metaphor in the AfroAmerican community.
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