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We pioneered Kenyan tea in the 1960s, because we thought top quality African tea had a part to play.
The family company of Barry's, which originally operated as a high quality grocer's shop on Prince's Street, Cork, and offered Barry's Tea as just one of its many products, discovered that the introduction of top quality East African tea resulted in a rapid advance in tea sales as the public responded to the 'new' characteristic.
But the rate of one kilogram of Indonesian green tea increased from 140 afghanis to 150 afghanis as the price of the same amount of black African tea jumped from 180 afghanis to 190, according to Fazal Rahman.
1999 is going to be an excellent year for Kenyan and East African tea," said Norman Wilson from Africa Tea Brokers in Mombasa.
While the Nepalese tea shipment's reported delay and release seems exceedingly irregular, the South African tea shipment delay appears within standard procedural guidelines.
Of the R160m in sales of South African tea to the US last year, rooibos accounted for R120m, and demand is surging.
One kilo of black African tea sold for 180 afghanis and the same amount of green tea for 150 afghanis, he added.
However, the prices of other commodities stayed unchanged as a 5-liter Momin ghee sold for 400afs, a kilo of Indonesian green tea for 175afs and the same quantity of black African tea for 210afs, the same prices as last week.
Usually, African tea is called "Kenyan" regardless of nation-of-origin, and Kenya, specifically Mombassa, is the port of export.
A kilo of African tea cost 190afs and the same quantity of Indonesian green tea 160afs, the same as last week.
He sold a 24-kg sack of rice for 2,000afs, a 5-litre tin of Momin cooking oil for 460afs, a kilogram of black African tea for 230afs and the same quantity of Vietnamese tea for 200afs.

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