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The stage in autosuggestion in which one exhibits a positive reactive tendency.
[L. affirmatio, fr. affirm, to make strong, fr firmus, strong]


Etymology: L, affirmare, to make firm
(in psychology) autosuggestion, the point at which a tendency toward positive reaction or belief is observed by the therapist.


A statement of intention made as if it were a fact, which is a component of positive thinking. The affirmation concept was championed by Emile Coué, the creator of autosuggestion therapy, and subsequently by Normal Vincent Peale; Coué suggested that his clients repeat affirmative “mantras”—e.g., “…every day, in every way, I am getting better and better…”


n 1. in psychotherapy, reflection on one's positive qualities when confronted with a challenge to self-esteem.
2. a verbal component of yoga practice in which positive words are spoken by an instructor in order to assist an individual to leave behind subconscious negativity.
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Affirmation of one object, according to Wallace, has a way of spreading to others.
Cuddle up with a daily affirmation mug, inspired by energetic wisdom.
Since July 2011, the committee has worked on the draft of the new WCC ecumenical affirmation on mission and evangelism which will be presented to the CWME Pre-Assembly Mission Event, 22-27 March 2012, in Manila, the Philippines.
My theory is that it's the dual forces of societal condemnation and sexual affirmation.
Gingersnaps: Daily Affirmations for African American Children and Families by Anita Alexander and Susan Payne Jump at the Sun/Hyperion, October 1998 $8.
According to Now & Zen's list of "50 Uses for the Affirmation Station," this gadget will help people achieve, among other goals, faster recovery from sickness, improved intimacy and sexual performance, clarification of life, improved golf swing, weight loss, and attunement to inner guidance as well as serve as a device for prayer.
In Allman's view, the analysis of Jacobean misogynistic politics in these four revenge tragedies is deep and telling, but need not be read as an affirmation of those politics, offering just as easily a point of view from which to critique them.
The first regards affirmations as the foundational elements in his system, while the second instead regards protocols as his grounds for empirical knowledge.
The affirmations are the result of the stable performance of the referenced entities, the credit enhancement provided by subordination for each tranche, the strength of the counterparties, and the transaction's sound financial and legal structure.
The activation of daily affirmations is the practice of acquiring the prosperity one seeks and the joy one deserves.
One way to do this is by fixing on daily affirmations of self-worth.