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More and more biopharmaceutical products that have received or are expecting to receive approval from the regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration or the European Medicines Agency are now manufactured using ProMetic's affinity adsorbent products," stated Mr.
This Agreement will provide access to one of ProMetic's proprietary affinity adsorbents for incorporation into this company's manufacturing process.
for the commercial sale of Recothrom(R) a recombinant thrombin product which is manufactured using a synthetic- ligand affinity adsorbent supplied by ProMetic.
The exclusive agreement covers the development of a new capture device, based on ProMetic's affinity adsorbent technology, for both single source and pooled plasma in combination with the HemCon Lyophilized Plasma (LyP) System currently under development.
ProMetic's novel affinity adsorbent designed with a fully synthetic ligand has already been scaled up in GMP manufacturing facilities worldwide.
As part of its manufacturing process, Hylenex is purified using a proprietary synthetic-ligand affinity adsorbent manufactured by ProMetic BioSciences Ltd.
This included the provision of quantities of GMP grade affinity adsorbent.
This realization demonstrates ProMetic's ability to develop and deliver a fully validated affinity adsorbent and associated purification process within a very demanding timetable", stated Dr.
This achievement demonstrates the power of ProMetic's Enabling Technology to deliver within a few weeks an affinity adsorbent with a specific ligand capable of selectively binding and purifying a targeted protein", stated Dr.
Serono will fund the development of an affinity adsorbent to isolate and purify a protein of interest to Serono.
Chromatographic performance of the lectin affinity adsorbents Adsorbent Ligand density, Glycoprotein sorption mg [mL.
com Products include: Mimetic range of affinity adsorbents for bioprocess/lab scale applications, specific adsorbents for plasma protein purification, MAbsorbents for antibody purification, Perfluorosorb for pDNA purification/endotoxin removal and 4 in-house therapeutics for applications in dermatology, inflammation and reducing side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.