Aegle marmelos

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Aegle marmelos,

n See bael.
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Aegle marmelos, known as bael in India is a plant of Rutaceae family, and one of the important plants in the Ayurveda.
Active capsules were prepared from aqueous extract powder of Aegle marmelos leaves and drug extract ratio was 1:10.
Structure of aegelenine, the minor alkaloid of Aegle marmelos.
A decoction of four plants, namely Alstonia scholaris, Aegle marmelos, Moringa oleifera, and Azadirachta indica was used for treatment of puerperal fever, pain or jaundice.
As a part of our drug discovery program on Indian medicinal plants, we discovered antihyperglycemic and antidyslipidemic activity in aegeline (V), which was isolated from the leaves of Aegle marmelos (Narender et al.
Anti-microfilarial activity of methanolic extract of Vitex negundo and Aegle marmelos and their phytochemical analysis.
Taxol, an anticancer drug produced by an endophytic fungus Bartalinia robillardoides Tassi, isolated from a medicinal plant, Aegle marmelos Correa ex Roxb.
Again vegetable soup made from whole plants of Phyla nodiflora, Andrographis paniculata, and Solanum xanthocarpum, along with leaves of Justicia adhatoda, Nyctanthes arbor tristis, Stephania glabra, and Aegle marmelos was used to treat long-term fever with abnormally high body temperature.