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Christopher T., Swiss anatomist, 1835-1885. See: Aeby plane.
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Winter, Ian Aeby and James Foresi, "Performance and reliability of silicone polymers in 1, OOOx concentration CPV applications," In 8th International Conference On Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems: CPV-8, Vol.
Step 3: Place de l~Hotel de Ville, Place Nova Friburgo, Place du Petit-Paradis, the High Street, to the Fish Market, the Pierre Aeby Street and Rue de Morat, and Step defining: a proposed new vertical connection between the Village Quarter and Auge.
It's because of the creativity of each and every one of them, along with our management's dedication towards investing in the latest strategies and technologies, that our clients are able to feel and fall in love with the homes we're selling through photos, text and video," said Concierge Auctions Vice President of Marketing, Krystal Aeby.
It's current roster boasts to have released the likes of the Federal Moguls (DJ Q-Balls (Bloodhound Gang) Side Project), Han Drabur (Number One Blues / Rock Song today), Joe Atman, Down From Zero (song heard on MTV's Ridiculousness), Richtaste (Produced by Pat Aeby (Krokus), Kapital A.
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We thank the midwives and doctors for assistance during sampling; Sebastien Aeby for technical assistance; and Francoise Damnon, Karine Lepigeon, and Andre Baud for computer assistance.
The disease was first spotted around Hanalei in 2004, but "at very low levels," and is the fourth coral disease outbreak documented in the state since 2009, said Greta Aeby, a coral expert with the University of Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology who has been working with Lilley to document the phenomenon.
To reduce alcohols' depressant effects people have mixed stimulants with alcohol for decades, and evidence suggests that this behavior is increasing due to the proliferation of energy drinks (Malinauskas, Aeby, Overton, Carpenter-Aeby, & Barber-Heidal, 2007; O'Brien, McCoy, Rhodes, Wagoner, & Wolfson, 2008).
Greta Aeby from the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, and Dr.
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Swiss Werner Aeby rounded out the first three winners on 69.
Among a wide range of taxa collected in association with flotsam, the Carangidae is one of the most frequently observed groups (Hunter and Mitchell, 1967; Kingsford, 1993; Clarke and Aeby, 1998).