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The public notification of a product’s availability and related activities for its promotion, usually in the form of a paid announcement, which may be printed or broadcast.
Advertising types that impact on health care
• Physician advertising
• Prescription drug advertising In the US, the FDA regulates the pharmaceutical industry and the manner in which it promotes its products, and requires a “fair balance” in advertising, such that all activities must present an even account of the clinically relevant information, i.e., the risks and benefits, that would influence the physician’s prescribing decision.
• Abuse substance advertising for tobacco and alcohol


The public notification of a product's availability and related activities for its promotion Medical communication A public notice, usually in the form of a paid announcement, which may be printed or broadcast. See 'Coming soon advertising' Direct-to-consumer advertising, Institutional advertising, Introductory advertising, Remedial advertising, Reminder advertising, Sexist advertising. , Tobacco advertising.


n a paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.


the making of public statements about services offered and facilities available in a professional practice. Personal advertisement in this way is frowned upon because of the risk that there will be misrepresentation and that it will unfairly attract business to the detriment of the client. The contrary view is that the public is disadvantaged because they will not be aware of the range of services offered and the fees attached to them. In most countries now, in which it used to be controlled by the registering authority, the scope of personal advertising is left to the discretion of the individual. Corporate advertising which advertises the profession as a whole is encouraged.
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Schawk designs, creates and manages images and text for reproduction to exact specifications for a variety of media, including packaging for consumer products, point-of-sale displays and other promotional and advertising materials.
NUR Macroprinters (Pink Sheets:NURM) is a leading supplier of wide-format inkjet printing systems used for the production of out-of-home advertising materials.
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Esch consented to findings that these advertising materials did not comply with federal securities law.
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