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The largest not-for-profit hospital in the Washington Metropolitan area, Washington Hospital Center offers Washington Heart, a nationally ranked, innovative cardiac care program; the most advanced adult burn facility in the area, MedSTAR, one of the nation's top trauma centers; a comprehensive Cancer Institute, and a full range of women's services.
He concluded by noting, "The company recently received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin selling the Action Storm series, a full-line of technologically advanced adult power wheelchairs unlike anything ever available on the market and the Action Power Tiger, an exciting new power wheelchair for children.
Beginner adults, 6pm-7pm, advanced adults, 6pm-7pm.
Booked in advanced adults pounds 10, children pounds 6.
Hale wanted ballet lessons, but Kneeland talked her into teaching--ladies' morning exercise classes, children's beginning ballet, and, eventually, the advanced adults who "terrified me with their great techniques," Hale recalls.
Age or grade level: Collegiate and advanced adults.
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