Advance Statement

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A statement made by an adult at a time when he/she has the capacity to decide for himself/herself about the treatments he/she wishes to accept or refuse, in circumstances in the future when he/she is no longer able to make decisions or communicate his/her preferences
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If you haven't made an advance decision or advance statement, health professionals make decisions based on the "best interests" and medical needs of the patient, in consultation with those closest to the patient, such as his or her partner (there have, however, been anecdotal cases of same-sex partners being excluded from consultation or access to information, and even being denied the right to visit a partner in hospital).
An early study using AD-Maker found that a majority of randomly selected people with SMI were able to complete a psychiatric advance statement within 80 minutes and that the computer program, which used drop-down menus for choices, was an effective way to complete the statement, even for those with little or no prior computer experience (Sherman, 1998).
Her announcement - there is an outside chance it could be delayed until next week - will be an advance statement of intent.