Alfred W., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1887-1951. See: Adson test, Adson forceps, Adson maneuver, Brown-Adson forceps.
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Classic provocative manoeuvres include the Roos test (elevated arm stress test to induce reproduction of the neurological symptoms), the Adson test (full neck extension and head rotation toward the side being examined, during deep inhalation, to detect a reduction in radial pulse amplitude), and the Wright test (progressive shoulder abduction to reproduce the symptoms).
While Adson Andrewa won the first place in the sub junior category, Zaineb Manzoor won the second place.
That is the underlying message of "A Princess and Her Garden: A Fable of Awakening and Arrival", a 135 page compendium of advice, commentary, instruction, and suggestion by licensed psychologist Patricia Adson.
Safa controlled much of the first half with Ansar once again looking short of ideas up front before the introduction of new signing Brazilian Adson Nascimento saw the side's fortunes change.
The only actual cost that was estimated was that of the more expensive BH needles and Adson Forceps used for the BH cannulation.
A single clinician can quickly close an entire incision with the INSORB Stapler and a single standard Adson forceps.
2006) and OCD (Kushner, Kim, Donahue, Thuras, Adson, Kotlyar et al.
David Adson, director of the mood disorders clinic at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, adds an atypical (most often quetiapine or aripiprazole) for residual anxiety in patients treated with an SSRI for either depression or an anxiety disorder.
While in Brazil with award-winning producer Ale Siqueira and some fantastic musicians such as guitarists Davi Moraes and Adson Santana, bassist Erick Firmino as well as the 40-strong bloco drum troupe Ile Aiye, Lo recorded a number of tracks featuring Brazilian percussive and stylistic elements.