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Aggressive Diagnosis of Restenosis. A study evaluating the benefits, if any, of post-percutaneous coronary intervention functional testing
Primary endpoint Exercise tolerance
Conclusion Routine functional testing post-PCI results in similar rates of future cardiac procedures, little difference in functional status or QOL and no evidence of decreased clinical events
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Even so, in August 1990, as the fighting in the countryside grew worse and anti-American sentiment intensified, the Adorers then in Liberia were forced to abandon their work and flee to the United States.
Photographs of the good doctor with astronauts, academics and adorers adorn the walls.
Things are a great deal more confused in the drawing we are shown at the Met, where adorers invade the Virgin's space.
This is not the divinely inspired genius of the later years as constructed by his English adorers.
Day does not include all the possible orders in his volume, but the information he does include on the orders included seems to be accurate and up to date if one can judge from the information provided on this reviewer's own religious order, The Adorers of the Blood of Christ.
The joke is delivered in a lilting Scottish brogue by the girl who was once Rita McLaughlin but is now Mother Prioress Simeon, head of this contemplative, cloistered community, the Adorers Of The Sacred Heart.
789) of Houdar, and that like other blind adorers of Homer she refuses to see "les erreurs les plus grossieres .
Still others like the Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood, established in Toronto from a Quebec foundation in 1869, were to be engaged in continuous prayer.
The onstage tormenting, repudiation, and even murder of women by their adorers have compelling links to Protestant desecration of images: "Iconoclasts almost never looted the images for material gain," Diehl points out, "instead preferring to deface or desecrate them in certain highly symbolic ways, gouging out their eyes, for instance, or piercing their sides.
I share not only Lang's distaste for Heidegger's adorers but also his desire to show the hazards of Volk-infatuation.
Judith Reichman, has simply joined the ranks of Madonna adorers after watching her give her all during rehearsals of the Oscar show.
3) In her old age, Sophie Barat recalled her first vision in the following words: `The first idea we had of the form to be given to our Society was to gather the greatest number possible of true adorers of the eucharistic Heart of Jesus.