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Medicinal herb obtained from Adonis vernalis (family Ranunculaceae), grown in eastern Europe and used there in the treatment of congestive heart failure. Contains strophanthidin and related cardiotonic glycosides.
Synonym(s): false hellebore
[G. Adōnis, mythical figure, fr. Phoenicial adon, lord]
Aspirin Dose Optimized in Non-Cardioembolic Ischemic Stroke. An ongoing trial designed to determine the optimum aspirin—an antiplatelet agent that inhibits thromboxane A2—dose needed to minimize recurrence of noncardioembolic ischemic stroke and drug-related adverse events
Primary endpoint Recurrent stroke, MI, vascular death, serious adverse events at 2 years
Conclusions Stroke is highest in those who do not modify their diets


Flowering plant (Adonis vernalis) thought to have medicinal qualities similar to those of Digitalis (q.v.); may cause serious drug interactions.
[G. Adōnis, mythical figure, fr. Phoenicial adon, lord]


a genus of the plant family Ranunculaceae; contain adonitoxin, adonidin, cardiac glycosides which cause diarrhea. Includes A. autumnalis (A. microcarpa), A. aestivalis, A. annua (A. microcarpa), A. microcarpa, A. vernalis.
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I was put off from joining a gym for years, simply because I feared my tubby little frame would seem so inferior to the well-toned Adonises I assumed frequented such places.