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A cytokine (for example, tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin-6) produced by adipose tissue and acting locally in an autocrine-paracrine fashion or systemically as a hormone.
[adipo + G. kinēsis, movement]


A generic term for cytokines and other modulating proteins which are secreted by adipocytes. Some—e.g., IL-6—are pro-inflammatory,  whilst others—e.g., adiponectin—have anti-inflammatory or insulin-sensitising properties. Adipokine dysregulation appears to play a central role in adiposity, metabolic syndrome, and the co-morbidities of obesity including cardiovascular disease.


, adipokine (ad″ĭ-pō-sīt′ŏ-kīn″) (ad′ĭ-pŏ-kīn″) [ adipo- + cytokine]
A molecule secreted by fat cells that affects the physiology of cells in other parts of the body. Some of these molecules influence appetite, the storage of fat in the body, and systemic inflammation.
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