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During the study, surgeons were asked after surgery to score the severity and location of any adhesions.
The study -- known as the Surgical and Clinical Adhesions Research (SCAR) study -- was conducted by a panel of prominent surgeons in the United Kingdom chaired by Professor Harold Ellis, C.
I was impressed by the level of performance that we saw with SprayGel in this group of patients that underwent extensive surgery for advanced endometriosis and presence of adhesions.
is a privately held medical device company formed in 1998, that is focused on developing in-situ polymerized biomaterials to address unmet or under served clinical needs associated primarily with the prevention of Post Surgical Adhesions.
announces the presentation of clinical results from multi-center studies demonstrating that Oxiplex/AP significantly reduced the formation of postsurgical adhesions in patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery for treatment of endometriosis.
All 34 women with sigmoid adhesions only had their adhesions lysed using a [CO.
FzioMed is developing Oxiplex gels for use in a variety of surgical applications including the prevention of post-surgical adhesions in spine, gynecologic and general surgeries.
Oxiplex/AP is a synthetic, bioabsorbable gel that is applied during gynecologic and general surgery to reduce post-operative internal scarring, also known as postsurgical adhesions.
PHILADELPHIA, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The country's leading surgeons gathered in Philadelphia today to learn about a revolutionary new technology recently cleared by the FDA, called Seprafilm(TM), that can help prevent or reduce one of the leading causes of post-surgical complications -- the formation of internal scar tissue, or adhesions.
The new patent, US 6,869,938, covers compositions of polyacids and polyethers, and methods for their use in reducing postsurgical adhesions.
General Division's (Nasdaq: GENZ) Sepracoat(TM) coating solution had 23 percent fewer sites involved in "de novo," or newly formed, adhesions and were nearly three times more likely to be completely free of de novo adhesions than patients in a control group, according to data from a multi-center pivotal clinical study presented in Philadelphia today at a meeting of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation.
Postsurgical adhesions can cause infertility and/or chronic pelvic pain.