adeno-associated virus

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A genus of small defective single-stranded DNA viruses in the family Parvoviridae that depend on adenoviruses for replication.
[L. dependeo, to be dependent upon, + virus]

Adeno-Associated Virus

A member of the parvovirus family, which is composed of small viruses with a genome of a single-stranded DNA. AAVs insert genomic material at a specific site on human chromosome 19 with nearly 100% certainty, and are used to construct vectors that introduce genes into cultured cells. There is virtually no downside to AAV vectors, given the small amount of DNA they can carry and because AAV is non-pathogenic (most people are AAV carriers). In contrast to adenoviruses, AAV usually does not trigger an immune response to cells infected with it, and thus can deliver genes to sites of interest, including the brain in the context of gene therapy for diseases of muscle and eye, tissues where AAV seems to be most useful.

adeno-associated virus

a replication-defective, single-stranded DNA virus classifed in the genus Dependovirus of the family Parvoviridae. They depend on help provided by coinfection with adenoviruses for their replication. Not known to cause disease.
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On the other hand, in Adeno group only adenosine (140 microgram/kg/min) was given for 6 minutes and radiotracer was injected at midway of the infusion (fig-2).
0 14 carcinoma Adeno 2 1 0 carcinoma Moderately Poorly Differentiation Differentiation Squamous cell 32 13 carcinoma Adeno 1 1 carcinoma LOWER THIRD OESOPHAGEAL CARCINOMA: 47 CASES NUMBER Percent Well differentiation Squamous cell 32 25.
Adeno plus squamous differentiation is very common.
Remarkable antiviral activity was shown against Adeno 5, HRV 14 and RSV in which dry extract was significantly superior to oral drops.
The microorganisms can include, amongst others, the reovirus, and modified adeno, herpes, vaccinia, p53 expressing, and vesticular stomatitis viruses.
Attentuation of seizures and neuronal death by adeno associated virus vector galanin expression and secretion.
There was no evidence that screening had had any effect on the incidence or the mortality rate from adeno cancer which affects the glands around the cervix rather than the cervix wall itself.
The Histopathology report has come as Mucin secreting adeno carcinoma extending up to the serosa at the ileocecal junction.
Their topics include possible retrovirus vectors, adeno and adeno-associated virus vectors, gene therapy for acute renal failure due to ischemia-reperfusion issues and acute injuries, and treatment for chronically deteriorating renal function and renal fibrosis, and treatment for acute and chronic allograft rejection.
11 - Tests quick to early diagnosis of infectious diseases screening RSV / Adeno virus from throat - a period of 24 months