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European studies of hospitalised patients with advanced HIV infection reported a 17-22% prevalence of Addison's disease.
Addison's disease can occur in patients with AIDS with greater frequency than previously surmised.
Skin changes also are common in Addison's disease, with areas of hyperpigmentation, or dark tanning, covering exposed and nonexposed parts of the body.
The authors's analysis found that the high growth recorded in the Addison's disease therapeutics market during 2006-2011 can be primarily attributed to increasing prevalence and awareness among patients and physicians of the disease.
I've had Addison's disease for 12 1/2 years, and have been an active member of AddisonsDisease.
But Katherine White, a scholar from the Addison's Disease Self Help Group, has argued in Medical Humanities that the writer's death was more likely to have occurred from bovine tuberculosis, then common and probably contracted from drinking unpasteurised milk, reports Times Online.
Doctors were unable to diagnose her illness but medical authorities now believe she died from Addison's Disease.
Q I HAVE been diagnosed with Addison's Disease, but as I hadn't heard of it before I didn't know what to ask the doctor.
Myra Wallace and Helen O'Neill were victims of the rare Addison's Disease.
Net announces its continued growth and enduring founding legacy of providing direct Addison's Disease support to the global Addison's Disease community.
Robert Powell died in 1990 of Addison's disease, a treatable adrenal deficiency.
Hylton, 48, was eventually told he had Addison's Disease - the condition Michael Jackson blames for turning him white.